Facts and Introduction:

Gebco Steel Industry or GSI is a partnership organization founded in 1996. In fact, it has been in business as a Sub- Contractor for 15 years under the name of Joseph Boutros & Partners.

The categories of work that the organization normally performs with its own forces are based on steel work and divided into 3 sections or departments. The Design Department which is responsible for resolving and executing the different steel structures from design to shop drawings and erection plans.

The Shop work which manufactures all kind of joinery works, achieves all metallic ideas in building and plans to accomplish all steel constructions.
The third department is the Erection Team and which is capable to erect and execute all steel works from metallic joinery to constructions. This company is developing day by day due to its reputable staff and exp erienced crew.

Furthermore, the instruments, the tools, & the softwares of this industry are updated every year and subjected to repetitive maintenance. Consequently, this allowed the company to achieve many executive projects on the level of steel structure, metallic works and wrought iron in Lebanon & many countries worldwide.